Wiimote experiment

Okay, so I finally got to it. A few months ago I bought a wiimote to play a bit with the api’s floating on the net. It was until yesterday that I actually tried a driver, and since that seemed to work okay, I decided to give it a try myself. My simple goal, being an app plotting the raw inputs. However, it took me a 2 hours more than expected (1 =)) and also a lot more blood, sweat and tears. 😉 particularly because I made a lot of mistakes due to me being too tired 😉 So I will keep it short for now as I want to go to sleep.

I choose the wiiuse library as it seemed adequate for the job and still active (and even cross platform!). I started from the included example and tried to wrap it into a Qt app (hence I named it example-qt ;)). The obvious choice for drawing is using QGraphicsView. However, for once ;), I took the effort to see if there are no existing Qt graph plotting libraries. And this just happens to be the case. 🙂 Meet the excellent QWT lib. It couldn’t be more fit for the job. The site is (almost) nothing but the api docs, but that seemed sufficient. One second I thought this lib would not be qt4 ready, but it has been ported!

Quite a few seconds and segfaults later 😉 I got this:
wii experiment

Nothing fancy, but it does show the roll and pitch!! =)

Note: the wiimote survived the experiment 😉

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  1. Hi! I was dealing a lot of hours with QWT, QT and NetBeans. I could connect Netbeans with QT, but I couldn’t use the library qwt. I go to Options of Netbeans, then C++, and then I add /usr/local/qwt/include like the includes of QT. Netbeans recognize the files .h of this include, but when i’m going to compile my project, Netbeans says that these .h don’t exist.

    I read about this library and some pages it appears the configuration about this shared library. But nobody shows how to use this library. Do you mind if you could give me some example? I need to graphic a function for this Monday, so I’m worried.

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