more wii plots

So after all today’s hard work, still some time for a bit wiimote fiddling 😉
I extended my test app to show the raw accelerometer data.

wiimote accelerometer data

A few words about what is which graph and the color coding:
The left graph shows the same as 2 days ago, except, I switched the colors to remember the meaning more easily. 😉 Red is for Roll =) and blue is the pitch. These data are calculated by the wiiuse library.
The right graph shows the raw accelerometer data. It is simply showing the x (red), y (green) and z (blue) component of the acceleration vector.

The experiment here shows 2 rolls to the left (and return), followed by 2 translations to the left. One could argue that a translation to the left, from the accelerometer’s viewpoint, is just the same as a roll, since both are changing the gravitation vector temporarily in a similar way. I’d say there still seems to be a difference.. 🙂

Paul, I’m open for discussion 😉

3 thoughts on “more wii plots”

  1. I think you should take Purple for Pitch (conform with your own color code credo) 🙂

    Btw: red and green in the same plot? What about the colorblind among us? 😉

  2. Klaas: lol, i’ll take the purple into account since it is the almost the same anyhow for me 😉

    red and green are no problem since the green is yellow for me and I do see the difference between yellow and red 😛 😉

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