Indie game spotlight: cave story

I accidentally came to know about this great freeware game because it’s getting rereleased as WiiWare by these guys and here is how it happened.
When the game got released back in 2004, TIG was the first to take an English interview with its Japanese author Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya.

Doukutsu Monotagari aka Cave Story is a 2D non-linear platformer in its most true sense. 🙂 It makes you feel back in the nineties, the graphics are pixelish and the music and sound effects are so cheesy, but that is all just part of all the fun! I am certainly no hard core platformer but when I started playing this game, I just couldn’t stop until I got defeated by some boss. 🙂 So I’ve warned you, it’s quite addictive. 😉

cave story

The gameplay is extremely well balanced and there is quite some variation. I don’t know how big the game is, but at the current pace, I’ve seen quite some environment variation and weapon upgrades. It’s quite fun to clear the screen with a rocket launcher at level 3. 😀
All in all, it’s quite a polished game, you just gotta love it. 🙂

Try it yourself:
First, download the binary (hint: he only made 1 game in 2004 ;))
Then patch it with English translation

Btw, it runs fine on wine/linux!

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