New record

In my studio I reached a new record for lowest temperature. I have a min-max thermometer, so it’s easy to know 🙂
Last night when I arrived, it was 6.5 °C. After 6 hours of electrical heating, it became 12 °C. yay. Today, I won’t reach it. I tried playing an FPS, but my aim is totally frozen. 🙂

My last record was about 9-10 years ago on my student room, where the wind was blowing over the floor due to bad insulation. I was in the highest room and since there always came air in the heating circuit (central heating) I was lucky to have water at all in my radiator. And in the event it reached my room, it had already cooled down since the heating pipes weren’t insulated. I somehow still managed to get 12 °C anyway although I think I added another electrical heating device to achieve a temperature this high 😉 I remember playing Half life with my gloves and hat on. Now I only need a hat, probably because there is no wind anymore.

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