Adobe doesn’t like Opera?

I was idly surfing the Adobe knowledge base (yeah, one of my secret hobbies is memorizing KB’s ;)), when I encountered to my surprise the following instructions for uninstalling Adobe Bridge:

Remove remaining folders and files for Adobe Bridge

Back up any personal files you want to save from the following directories, and then remove the listed folders and files:

All versions

Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data\Adobe\Bridge
Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data\Adobe\Updater\Data\bridge1.aum
Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data\Adobe\Updater\Data\bridge1_meta.txt
Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data\Opera
Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \My Documents\Updater\bridge1
Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Updater\Certs\bridge.cer
Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Adobe Bridge
Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Launch\bridge\1.0
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\StartupScripts\bridge.jsx
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\StartupScripts\bridgecenter.jsx
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\StartupScripts\ols.jsx

They cunningly snuck in an instruction to remove all Opera application data! Can you believe this? 🙂 how evil 😉

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