OnScreenClock v0.7.3

A small update adding an option to show the am/pm suffix when enabling the 12-hour clock.

Here is the changelog since last blog post:

v0.7.3 2023-03-31
+ added am/pm suffix option

v0.7.2 2022-10-30
* migrate to billing v4 api

v0.7.1 2022-10-07
* fix untrusted touch blocking on android 12 and up

4 thoughts on “OnScreenClock v0.7.3”

  1. Hi There,

    During your latest update an annoying exclamation mark showed up when the OnScreenClock was in Digital mode, displaying the time as follows:
    !15:25 for example.

    Will there be a fix available, so time will display as:
    HH:MM and not as it is now, !HH:MM.



    1. Hi Steven,

      the exclamation mark is a way to notify the user that a new version has been installed with changes potentially interesting to the user. When you open the app, you will get to see these changes (it should show this blog post) and the exclamation mark should disappear.
      If you don’t like these notifications, you can turn it off by disabling the “Notify after upgrade” setting.


  2. Hello, when you install the app on a smart TV it tells you that to activate the appz you have to do some things like send an adb command or be root. I have realized that it is only necessary to go into configuration and give it permission to show above.

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