CoinGeek News v0.2.11

After a nice long beta period of 4 months (I forgot about it 🫢), 0.2.11 has been promoted to production. Highlight is the eternal loading state bug fix. On the technical side, I migrated crashlytics from Sentry to Firebase. You can disable reporting in the settings.

Changes since 0.2.7:

0.2.11 - 2023-03-26
* fix eternal loading state + various bugfixes
* disable mark all as read button during loading
* replaced SentryLog by Firebase crashlytics
* center implicit refresh indicator + bigger text
* bump min sdk to 21 (firebase dep -> multidex)

Just in case you wonder about the changes since 0.2.5:

0.2.7 - 2023-01-25
* fix utf8 html decode for titles
* fix padding on progress indicator

0.2.6 - 2023-01-22
+ added setting: open in external browser

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